23. Mar 2022Insight

Say hello to our brand new office in Bratislava

GoodRequest is growing! Not only by the size of the team, but also by the number of offices in which you will find our team. (You can join it 😉) From the beginning of March, you can also find us in our capital, in beautiful space with gorgeous view. Want to know more? Take a short "office tour" from the opener with us.

Bruno GrinčMarketing

After weeks of thorough selection, we have successfully expanded the number of offices and the GoodRequest team, in addition to Žilina, Košice and Liptovský Mikuláš, can also find us in our capital - Bratislava 🏰.

In the new premises, you can find big smiles, but also the most important thing - sandwiches 🤟

We cut the symobilic red ribbon on March 2 at Mlynské nivy 5 in the Qubes Nivy Tower. We chose the office thorougly and carefully. Of course, with the full assistance from our developers, designers and testers to meet all their needs. After all, it is our Bratislava team that will operate there regularly.


We also used the opener to talk and to celebrate. Because there is always a reason to celebrate. 🎂 Nevertheless, we have not seen each other in person with some Bratislava members of the GR family for a long time. Almost every team here had its "delegate" - developers, designers, testers, designers, people team, CEO and of course team leaders.

Even though we remain 100% remote friendly, you will definitely meet one of us on your next visit. Life in the new office is already in full swing, so we are looking forward to meeting you here 😉

All positions are also open for Bratislava

Where you can find us? 

Bruno GrinčMarketing