We create sustainable value through strategy, design and development.

We’re a team of 75+ designers, developers, project managers and analysts working globaly.
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How we build
digital experience that generates value?

In todays age, going digital itself doesn’t generate any value. Without  proper digital strategy combining human-centered Design Thinking, sustainable technology and valid business case, it can easily become investment with no return. This is our recipe how to avoid it.



Start with a digital roadmap that drives towards your business goals.

We start with customer and market understanding. Our strategic approach combines business thinking, market insight and lean experimentation with strategic direction. Core questions are those of focus and execution: We always maintain end-customer needs, tangible targets and knowledge-based decisions as the focus.

We can help you with:

  • Where is market heading?
  • → Find oportunities to innovate
  • Where is your product/service heading?
  • → Define a vision and goals
  • What should be done to achieve our goals?

  • → Build unified digital strategy
  • How can we measure success?

  • → Define relevant KPI to evaluate change
  • How to create and measure value for your customers?
  • → Idetify customers needs

What we do:

Insights & data
Digital strategy
KPI definition & evaluation
Creative workshops
Problem solving through DT

How it looks like:

support tickets decrease
Fitshaker - Biggest fitness platform in CZ/SK
We've created unified digital strategy accross mobile, web and TV platforms.
Forbes - SK, CZ, HU
We are working on a digital strategy and UX for Forbes SK, CZ and HU. Project is in-progress.



Design human-centered experience that goes towards strategy goals.

Our certified UX and UI designers, researchers and business thinkers will design experience oriented on user. We talk to your users, help you understand them and design digital experiences for any platform.

We can help you with:

  • What is a problem worth solving?
  • → Find oportunities to innovate
  • How can you improve users engagement?
  • → User insights and usability testing
  • How to design products people will love?
  • → Brand and product design
  • How to save time on everyday processes?
  • → Process mapping and digitalization
  • How to define product features?
  • → Product roadmaping

What we do:

Product design
Process digitalization
Experience design
UX/UI design
Brand identity design
User research and testing
Design Sprint

How it looks like:

employee engagement
KIA - 360 evaluation tool
We build 360 evaluation tool that increased employee engagemnt up to +19%.
resolve 76% of all support issues
Annotation tool for Tatra banka & Raiffeisen Group
Gamification platform for learning chatbot - Adam, which resolves 76% of all support issues.
weeks to first MVP
Slovak Football Association
All remote, during the first pandemic we've helped our partner to design and develop their first mobile application.
documents went digital
Information system for nuclear medicine
We've analysed and digitalised whole patient life-cycle process and integrated external doctors into it.



Develop an MVP, get feedback and improve. Never stop improving!

We have big team of experienced engineers, analysts, testers and product owners working closely with your team. In agile sprints we start with building an MVP, ship it fast-as-possible to the real users and gather feedback. We learn and adapt the product to the customer needs.

We can help you with:

  • Build native mobile app from scratch?
  • → iOS and Android development
  • Define product roadmap and stick to it?
  • → Product management
  • Ensure quality and security?
  • → QA testing & penetration certification
  • Develop full-stack digital experience?
  • → Backend & frontend development
  • Expand your engeneering team?
  • → Team augmentation

What we do:

Native Android apps (Kotlin)
Native iOS apps (Swift)
React Native or Flutter
Frontend (React)
Backend (Node.js)
MVP development

How it looks like:

acquired after 8 years for 50M €
Bistro.sk - Biggest food deliver in Slovakia
GR partners with with Bistro.sk since the very beggining. The app has 4.9* on Appstore and 99.9% crash-free rate. In 2021 Bistro was aquired by Just Eat Takeaway.
Tatra banka - digital bank
of the year
We have big augmented team working on TB mobile app which has won several awards for bez mobile banking UX.

Get a free workshop tailored to your needs!

Get a free workshop!

We prepare a free 2h workshop tailored just for you.
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“During GR showcase workshop we explored several different ideas how might we improve. We’ve got convienced in 2h.”
A. Heglasova, Head of online

Why are we

We’re strategic partners covering the whole process, from idea, design, to development. From startups 
to big-scale enterprise.

Full-service, 100% in-house
We can build whole experience from idea, MVP to big solutions. We have large, scalable, in-house team consists of designers, developers, project managers and QA testers.
Data driven
We don’t rely on guesses, instead we test & validate everything during the process. We make decisions based on research and data.
No matter what we do, we put people in the center of the process. We listen their needs, emphasise and learn from them.
Your custom tailored team
We work in cross-funtional teams build on client specific needs. Example team composition - desinger, developer, product owner, QA tester and client stakeholders.
Working in agile sprints
Our certified PM use scrumban metodology to manage our projects. We work in 1-2 weeks sprint. Each sprint delivers value.
Amazing collaborators
We invite you to be part of the team. Together with us you will co-create ideas on workshops.  All our work can be done 100% remote.

We’re trusted
by global brands.

“First of all, I want to thank you for the condition in which you deployed the system. We found leterally no bugs, hats off.”
T. Carny, HR Specialist
“GoodRequest has broaden our point-of-view from “web redesign” to understanding digital strategy as a whole thing. During their showcase workshop we explored several different ideas how we might improve.  We’ve got convienced in 2h.”
A. Heglasova, Head of online
“Because of the competitors we had a very close deadline with our Bistro Driver app and GOODREQUEST helped us to develop it just in 12 weeks. They do thigs better and deliver superb CX.”
Marcel Kocifaj, Product Manager
“You have a different view of the world than we do. I feel a lot of creativity and passion in your work. It help us keep on top of competition.”
Roman Urban, Product manager

Let's talk!

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Tomáš Lodňan, CEO
Jozef Balážik, Head of Growth
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